Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Search is On....

After three long years, I started the painful search for affordable housing again today. Three years ago, I was still 'young' and inexperienced, with high expectation of life. Three years later, I kind of accepted the fact that everything is fated. Sometimes I can't get what I wanted right away. Detours may not be all that bad. Paying a bit higher price for a shitty flat built by some idiots may not make myself an idiot as long as I can get my cash flow settled.

My property agents, a husband & wife team, did a good job in organizing an effective flat viewing. 12 flats were viewed over a time span of a little more than 3 hours. Some flat owners are asking for ridiculous prices which any sane person would ever consider. However, the housing market in Singapore now is insane. Everything is going up and up almost every single day. Sunny did warn me the prices going skyhigh today, it means prices may fall back to square one a few years down the road. The current price inflation is not sustainable at all with an average Singaporeans' income. Foreign 'investors' are the culprit. Once the hot money finds a greener place, Singapore's housing will go nowhere but fall.

Made one offer, but the owner was undecided. Let's see what will happen next week. Keeping my finger crossed.

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