Friday, October 5, 2007

Make Your Voice Heard...

The Singapore government is planning to convert the supreme court and city hall buildings into the national art gallery. It is for sure a good step forward in making Singapore a truly 'grace society', to inject some sense of culture into this diverse but shallow society.

A competition had been organized to choose the best design for the make-over of the two century-old buildings. Total there are 111 entries for the competition. A panel of judges had hand-picked 3 designs of the 111 as the best. Out of the 3, one will be chosen as the final design for the art gallery. The 3 designs will be on exhibition at City Hall from 5th to 17th Oct, 2007.

The public can express their own opinions at the exhibition, as well as at the following website:

Please, I encourage each and every one of you, make your opinions heard by going through the online survey

We must do our part to vote out the ugly, uncharacteristic, tasteless designs. At least for me, I don't want to have another eye-sore in the city.

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  1. heed your call and responded with completion of the survey. They should thank you for getting one more voice heard in the survey!