Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back Online Again...

It is the 2nd time that I write about feeling good of being able to come back online. My internet service by Starhub was 1st setup last Thursday. After using the internet happily for 2 days, or a bit more, my cable modem just went on a strike on Sunday morning.

I called the technical support at Starhub. The guys there had been helpful, but at the end, they said they couldn't find out the root cause and had to send a technican down to take a look. Their hypothesis scared the shit out of me. They were claiming my SCV point in the flat might have been altered by the contractor that did the renovation work for the previous owner! In that case, Starhub could do nothing and I had to hire a subcon to get it done properly. Oh my....

Then tonight, the technican came down and tested the SCV point. Signal strength is good. He replaced the cable modem, and everything went back to normal. Alama, such lousy Motorola modem!

The technician was supposed to come between 6.30pm and 8.30pm, and he only arrived at 9pm. I almost thought my order was misplaced again! But the guy at their technical helpline assured me the technician would come, but there might be some delay.

The poor chap came at 9pm, still having not had his dinner yet. Luckily my case is his last for the day. By the time he left, it was almost 10pm. I know how it feels when one has to work till 9-10pm without having dinner.

I had a conversation with the guy. He in fact is not an empolyee of Starhub, rather he is a subcontractor and he is considered to be self-empolyed, as he is his own boss. His pay is job-based. Ok, that makes it feel much better even you work till 10pm. You are making money for yourself!

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