Friday, February 29, 2008

Traffic Jam of A Life Time

Today I witnessed the traffic jam of a life time. When I passed by Kranji MRT station at around 6pm, all the lorries, trucks, and sedans came to a stand-still on the road leading to the Woodlands check-point. Then at around 9pm, when I passed by Kranji MRT station again, there was absolutely no improvement at all, if it didn't become worse. The traffic light near Kranji MRT station became almost completely useless. Red light, green light or whatever light, the cars still had to stay where they were. There was no room to move.

Wow, what a spectacular scene! What happened? All because of one single person lah. Who is the guy that can caused so much trouble? His name is Mas Selama Kastari, the head of JI in Singapore. He escaped from a detention centre Wednesday afternoon. Guess what, he couldn't even walk properly, as he was described to be 'limping'. My gosh, our 'high quality' security force, police force, or whatever force, with world class leadership, world class ministers, world class blah blah.. yet, a 'limping' man could still escape under broad daylight. What a joke! Now after 3 days, he is still at large. Some heads MUST ROLL TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for this serious mistake.

Even since then, traffic through Woodlands checkpoint had been slow. Officers check every single car. Hundreds of police officers and Gurkha guards had been deployed to search for this wonderful man.

Wow, until then, do even think of going to Malaysia through Woodlands checkpoint, unless you want to be caught into a massive traffic jam.

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