Thursday, February 21, 2008


I just discovered that the SurfSafe feature from Starhub has been automatically turned on. Now I can't get to any 'harmful' sites. Ok, how did I find out? I was just about to check whether I won anything for last Saturday's 4D, and see what are the lucky numbers for this year's 10 million-dollar Toto, then I found out the Singapore Pools website has been blocked by SurfSafe.

Those who have children may tell me whether such protections are useful, but in general, I doubt the effectiveness and the virtue of such protections. No matter how protective you are as a parent, sooner or later, your children will have to grow up and face the real world. Shielding your kids from the real world will only make the transition from a kid to an adult more painful. When the kids grow up, they will find what the world really is is so different from what his/her parents painted to him/her. He/she may be at a loss as how to handle this brand 'new' world. I am always of the opinion that we should let the kids to grow up themselves, parents will only provide some guidance. Let them see the real world from young.

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