Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! It is time of the year again to meet family and friends, and look back at the past year for all the good, the bad and the wathever :)

China is facing the worse winter weather in the past 50 years! The temperature in Guangzhou now is between 2-5 deg C. In my memory, the temperature in Guangzhou seldom goes below 9 deg C even in the coldest winter. Obviously this year,the recorded has been broken, with no cheers though.

Those from the much colder places may think 2-5 deg C is really nothing comparing with the usual -10 deg C winter temperature in Switzerland or Denmark. But you must know Guangzhou is traditionally a warm place, with no real winter if the strict winter definition is applied. Looks like all my winter gears will be put into good use this year.

However, Chinese say a winter with heavy snow fall will lead to a prosperious year ahead. May this coldest winter in 50 years get rid of all the bugs, pests, bacteria, and all the bad things. Next spring, we can have nice and beautiful world.

Anyway, wishing everybody a happy Chinese New Year, and a prosperious year of the RAT! ^_^

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