Friday, February 22, 2008

Iron Wok

I brought an iron wok all the way from Guangzhou back to Singapore. There is few iron wok available for sale in Singapore. For the few that are available, the quality is in serious doubt, even by this novice to the kitchen.

The new iron wok is designed for use with the western kind of stoves so the bottom is flat. The weight of the wok is at least a few kilograms. It is a challenge for me to lift it with a single hand. I am not used to such a heavy wok. Every time I cook something, it is like I am doing some weight lifting. Ok, do exercise and cooking at the same time, kill two birds with one stone :D

This wok is somehow different from the iron wok that I used back home. I still have not mastered the heat level yet. The dishes I produced from this wok still have a lot to be desired. I should cook more often to get used to the wok, and to build some muscles :D

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