Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Art of Living with Imperfection

Did a studio shoot together with S & C on Vesak Day. My last studio shoot was also with S & C I think, but that was like more than a year ago. Every time I enter a studio, I feel both excited and scared.

Excited because with studio lights available, you have unlimited possibilities. Even a slight move the light will give you a new perspective, a new angle, a new concept. Ideas are unlimited, they will only run out when you inspiration runs out.

Scared because every time I enter a studio, it will be a new experience. I know I will make new mistakes, or repeat old mistakes, or whatever. Someone once said movie-making is an art of regrets, meaning you can always find fault with your own movie, there is always room for improvement. No matter how perfect it looks when you make it, you can always find imperfections afterwards. Same for photography, even with instant preview available at all the digital cameras.

I tried out a new lighting setup that I had not done before on my own. I saw other photographers' work using the same lighting setup. Their photos enticed me to give it a try. My sifu once said no two photographers will have the exact same photograph. True. I didn't get the same effect, I had blown high lights, I had uneven lighting, nevertheless it is my learning process. I only feel a bit sorry for S & C. They both pointed out to me the light may be too strong and some highlights are blown out. It was my stubborness that led to all the blown high lights.

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  1. Bro, thanks for the lighting setup that you did. I step down 2/3 - 1 stop, the low key photos are fine, but the high key a bit under expose (BG looks greyish). Haha... next time bring laptop to see the result on the spot. Thank you.