Monday, May 26, 2008

An Image Search Engine

From Lee's blog, I learned of this online image search engine called TinEye. You can upload an image, or a URL of an image online, then TinEye will search through its database of 500 million images to find where your image is being used, how it is used. It only can identify identical images, it can even find images that have been altered.

It is an ego booster, isn't it? Now you can tell your family, friends where they can see your images being used. Wow....

It is supposed to serve another purpose, that is to detect piracy. I am not too sure how effective this function can be. Even if I find an image in use, I won't know whether it is legally downloaded from the couple of microstock sites I submitted, or the image has been used without paying me:)

Try it out at You may be surprised... :D

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