Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tom Yum Kung

Tom Yum Kung


1. Prawm with shell
2. lemon grass
3. laksa leave
4. ginger
5. onion
6. small lime
7. mushroom
8. garlic
9. red chilli


1. cut garlic, red chilli, ginger into small pieces
2. cut lemon grass and onion into pieces
3. wash clean mushroom
4. remove head & shell of the prawns. cut the prawn into halves and devein. Put the heads & shells aside


1. Heat up a wok, put in some cooking oil, wait until the oil heats up
2. Put in garlic & chilli, fry till the garlic becomes golden
3. Put in prawn shell & head. Fry till they turn orange.
4. Add in water. Wait until water boils.
5. Put in ginger, lemon grass, & laksa leaves
6. Wait till the soup boils, then leave it boiling for a couple of minutes
7. Drain the soup through a filter to remove all the contents
8. Put the soup back into a wok, wait for it to boil again
9. Once the soup boils, put in mushroom, onion, and let it cook for a few minutes
10. Put the prawns in the wok and cook for ~3 more mins
11. Squeeze small limes, and add the juice to the soup for the final touch

When serving, it is optional to add fish sauce and some chilli. Fish sauce is made from fermented fish. Popular in South East Asia, but it is said to have some health hazards related to fish sauce.

This is my personal recipe. It works well for me. You are most welcome to try it out and give me some feedback.

This recipe is only for prawn Tom Yum, you can actually modify the recipe for chicken, or squid, or whatever you like, for the hot & sour taste.

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