Friday, May 16, 2008

A Bad Month

Half of May has passed and it appears May is not a very good month, at least in terms of photo sales. My sales at all the microstock sites that I am contributing to are slow. Numbers just freeze and refuse to go up.

ShutterStock, the site that usually gives me the most money, is getting extremely slow. Occasionally there will be a couple of downloads, that's about it.

iStockPhoto is making a record low so far. My worst ever month, other than the very first month that I signed up at iStockPhoto.

Dreamstime, BigStockPhoto and 123RF, I didn't see my earnings page having any change for quite a while.

As for Fotolia, I only have 4 photos in my portfolio, and yet to have my first sales there.

Someone once mentioned May is always a slow month, because people in North America go for holidays in the pleasant weather of May, the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere.

I had a 19% drop in sales in May 2007, and a 42% drop in sales in May 2006. Mmmh.... Looks like May is really a bad month, for microstock at least.

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