Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Sale at Fotolia

After quite some time, I got my very first sale at Fotolia. The photo is the one shown above.

There is something special about Fotolia. For every sale, you can actually download the detail information about the sale. You will know the downloader's name, the downloader's company name, how many credits have been paid for your photo, and the license type. You can't find the same amount of information from any other microstock sites.

As a matter of fact, I am not very sure what is the minimum payout amount at Fotolia, and how about the payment mode? Do they pay by paypal? Mmmh.... I need to find out those information. Anyone has any idea?


  1. hello,

    there are several options for payout at Fotolia, paypal, check, etc. I use MoneyBookers for this. When you have more than 50 credits, you can convert your credits to cash and transfer to you MB account. It's that easy.

    FF Productions

  2. FF production,

    Thanks for the information.