Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony - Poor Directing?!

Someone sent me a set of photographs of the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. Those photos confirmed my disappointment!

Look at the photos, and recall what I saw on the live telecast, I wanted to kick the director of the live telecast.

The opening show was directed by world-famous director - Zhang Yimou. His directing is world-class. The performers, from solders to the kungfu masters, everybody spent 3 long years to prepare for this important moment. They did delivery a spectacular performance. However, the spectacular performance was given a 50% discount by the live telecast director.

It seems the live telecast director has no idea about the show, has no idea what the performance wanted to portrait. When the performance is at its grandest at wide angle, the live telecast director zoomed to the individuals.

When the opening show committee spent millions of dollars to create the Olympics 5-circle fireworks, the live telecast director didn't even seem to know that the fireworks would form the 5-circle!

It is said that the NBC version of the opening ceremony is a lot more spectacular than the CCTV version. I hoped I will have the chance to look at that version in the near future. CCTV version of the live telecast is a great disappointment. I really feel sorry for the opening show's director - Zhang Yi-mou, all the performers at the opening show. Their efforts were wasted because of some stupid idiot!

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