Friday, August 8, 2008

Microstock: A New Microstock Site

Since someone asked, I will share with the rest the new microstock site I mentioned in my last blog entry.

The new site is:

I have not taken a detail look at the site yet. Some preliminary information I know of is this is a new stock site based in Singapore, with a focus on Asia images. They will give you a cut from 50-70% of the sales revenue.

For other details, such as what is the minimum resolution they require, the approval process, how the payout will be, etc, are still unknown to me. If anyone has such information, it will be good to share them here with everybody.


  1. Fotegrafik is not a Microsock site... Its a proper stock photo site....

  2. I just checked. It seems Fotegrafik has both Rights Managed & Royalty Free photos available for sales. Btw, who says a microstock site is not a 'PROPER' stock photo site?

  3. Micro Stock = Micro Payment Stock.

    Micro Stock Agencies sell photos for a very low price compare to the traditional "proper" stock photo agencies.

    The word Micro is a shortcut to "Micro Payment".

    Regarding the use of word "Proper" - it has several reasons and connotations, For example: If you want to make proper money you need to work with a "proper" stock agency :)