Thursday, August 7, 2008

Microstock: Surprise

Today, when I logged into, a window poped up informing me I had got a new private message. Opened it, oh, what a surprise! Someone from a newly setup microstock site sent me the PM, inviting me to join their site.

I have not taken a detail look at their site yet, but it is something good to know. One more site up there for us to choose, one more venue for us to market my own 'products'.

Then I opened my shutterstock account, and found I some income from 'referred photographers'. OMG, I didn't even know I had any 'referred photographers'! I only knew I referred Sherman but he doesn't have any photo online. Then I went on to check who are my 'referred photographers'. There are in fact quite a number, but only one of them has some photoes available online.

I must say THANK YOU to all my referred photographers. Thank you very much for your trust in me. I am most grateful....

1 comment:

  1. Hi, whats the name of the new microstock agency?