Friday, August 29, 2008

Trading Competition - Continued

In one of my previous entries, I mentioned the CMC markets trading competition (see:

Some of my colleagues actually are participating in the competition, and they are leading! Two of them are now in the top 10 spots, while two others are in the 10s & 20s.

Wow, I didn't know my colleagues are all investment gurus. Look at the ROI (Return on Investment) rates of the top 10, even the guy at the 10th place has an ROI of 73%! Considering this is not a mock trading competition, but a real life trading competition, with participants using his/her own money to do every single trade, they have some good profits even if they don't win any prizes.

Too bad, I can't even do trading. There is some problem with my account and all orders are cancelled automatically. That's very 'nice', isn't it?

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