Saturday, August 30, 2008

Canon Link at Vivo

Just discovered there is a place called 'Canon iLink' at one seldom-noticed corner in Vivo city. It has displays of all the Canon products, including printers, projectors, and of course, cameras, both DSLR and compact, and lenses. The winning photographs of "Canon Photo Marathon" are also on display.

Those things may sound quite uninteresting, indeed. All the cliche :) Then at one seldom-noticed corner, they have the EOS 40D & EOS 1D mark (?) on display as well, and the cameras have been dismantled! You can see the main circuit board, the CMOS sensor, the sensor cleaning components, the mirror, etc.

It is quite interesting to see those cameras without a cover. How the different circuit boards are placed and the wiring.

Go down to take a look if you are a Canon photobug. :D

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