Sunday, July 12, 2009

17 Again

It is an American comedy except that I don't find it funny in any way. I didn't even laugh, as there were no funny jokes or scenes for me to laugh. Cosy scenes, yes, there are quite a number of it, some it is still not too bad.

The story is quite cliche. Mike used to be star basketball player in high school, and he was about to be chosen for a university scholarship and start a glamourous life in the NBA? Then his girlfriend told him she was pregnant, and for that, Mike gave up his basketball career for his wife and family.

Then for the next 20 years, Mike also blames his wife and children for ruining his potentially bright career, until his wife got enough of it and asked for a divoice.

By the power of God, Mike transformed to a 17-year old and went to high school again, in the same high school as his son & daughter. He then realised how much he had neglected his own family. And blah blah blah... and in the end, he made exactly the same choice again. He would give up his basketball career for his family.

Very predictable, and there is absolutely no surprise.

My rating: 2/5

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