Saturday, July 18, 2009

Market Update Seminar

It is a Saturday, yet I still had to wake up at my normal time as any other work day to attend a Market Update Seminar organized by one of the local brokerage firms.

I always feel intimitating to attend such seminars. The attendees are mostly (>85%) our most respectable senior citizens. Many of them are filthy rich and market gurus with tons of life experiences. Someone at my age is considered to be very young and standing among them, I look like a small kid.

The highlight of the seminar usually is the tea break. All the aunties and uncles will gather all their strength and rush to the food at the earliest time. While the young ones are queuing orderly, the seniors just walk straight to the food and pick up whatever they like, totally ignorant to the long queue. Sometimes I really wonder whether they are really so filthy rich, or they are actually from refuge camps.

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