Sunday, July 12, 2009

Charity Bowling Tournament

Yesterday was our company's annual charity bowling tournament. It was the 3rd time I played bowling in my whole life.

The first time was back in 1996, the score was 80+, then 2nd time was in 2007, the score was 94. Then yesterday was the worst of the worst, lowest score of 59, and then progressively to 80+, but never went past 100 points.

That was quite expected, if you don't practise, then you won't perfect your skills. Some may claim he can do something very well even the first time, yeah, true, that's called beginner's luck. Look at how many gamblers have failed terribly believing they were born to win big in the gambling table.

To achieve something, commitment, hardwork & persistence are the 3 necessary elements. There is no short cut.

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