Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Joy of Success

Title: The Joy Of Success
Author: Susan Ford Collins
Publisher: Quill 1st Edition 2004

In this book, the author shares with you the 10 skills to success.

The 10 skills are:

1. Escaping the success trap
2. Shifting your approach
3. The science of dreaming
4. Communication so powerfully
5. Using other's expertise
6. Updating your past
7. Committing to outcome
8. Shielding your dream
9. Switching back
10. Maintaining your balance

This book brings some interesting concepts. One is about success. It says that Success is about completion, deletion & creation.

Success will only come if you can complete something. It may not be something very great, it can something as trivial as completing your jogging once every week for one year.

Deletion is about removing the people and factors that negatively influence you, or who don't want to be included in your dream.

Creation is you become a creator, to create beautiful, useful things and ideas.

This book is a bit long-winded sometimes, but in general, it is a good motivation book to read. It may change your view towards life.

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