Friday, July 24, 2009

Banana - A Silent Killer?

Banana is one of my favourite fruits. There are many reports stating the benefits of this wonderful tropical fruit.

Then last night, I read in quite a horror a book mentioning banana as a silent killer. The book is on Chinese medicine. The author says that banana has a 'cold' property in Chinese medicine. If people eat a lot of banana, it may lead to some bad effects, including leading to mild depression.

For a period of time, banana is the only type of fruit that I ate, persuaded by a friend saying that banana is good for the brain, it provides lots of energy to the body. And then during that period of time, I did feel mildy depressed, under a lot of stress. Luckily I stopped eating banana after that, although I didn't not the link yet at that time.

So today, I am writing this blog entry to caution people who like to eat a lot of bananas. This seemingly harmless fruit may cause depression!

Of course, the effect will still vary a lot from individual to individual. As a general rule, people who are weak, prone to flu/cold, should minimize their banana intake.

Will I eat banana in the future? Yes, I will still eat banana, but only small quantities, and only from time to time.

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