Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Shui Kuei

Went to Pek Kio market for lunch yesterday. There is this stall selling Big shui-kuei. Shui-kuei usually is of one small cup size. You need approximately 4 kuei's to fill the space of one ordinary plate. At Big Shui Kuei, one kuei is of the size of plate, so you only need 1 to fill your plate :)

The Cai-pu they use is the 'sweet' type. Ok, I had an argument with my colleague as whether it is 'sweet' or 'salty'. I tasted it as salty, but my colleague said it was sweet. Ok, different taste buds :)

The kuei is not bad. The texture is smooth. The smoothness of the rice is brought out flawlessly. But other than that, nothing fantastically special.

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