Saturday, August 8, 2009

CNG - A Pain? A Joy?

This is a daily scene outside of my office. Long queues of taxis and occasionally some private sedans. No, there is no taxi stand here, neither is there any super hot store having fire sales. They are only here to top-up their 'gas'.

Ever since the CNG station started operation some time ago, the long queues of taxis almost becomes a norm, a permanent fixture.

I wonder how much time is wasted waiting in the queue just to top up. For some casual drivers, it is not too bad, just take it as a leisure stop and enjoy a cup of coffee, read your newspaper. For the taxi drivers, this means the precious time they should be fetching their customers, making some money is wasted in queuing. I can't imagine how bad the queue was when there was only one CNG station in Tuas!

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