Monday, August 17, 2009

KimGary Restaurant in City Square

Had dinner at Kim Gary Restaurant at City Square, JB last Sat. It is another one of those 'trendy' Hong Kong Char Chan Teng (Tea House). Char Chan Teng is something unique to Hong Kong. It is supposed to be a Tea House selling Chinese stuff, but it mixes with some Western stuff. For example, Cantonese/Chinese don't bake their rice, they cook their by steaming, but in a Char Chan Teng, you have the western style baked rice together with some Chinese ingredients and of course some Cantonese dishes such as Cantonese dumpings.

The concept of Char Chan Teng was introduced to Malaysia and then it became increasingly popular these days. So popular that they are invading Singapore too, although with a much less success.

Anyway, back to our review on Kim Gary. In terms of atmosphere, it is ok, noisy tea house style. In terms of food, so so, acceptable, but not fantastically good. Service-wise, like any other Char Chan Teng, they employ lots of school students, so don't expect too much.

My rating: 3/5, just pass

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