Saturday, August 15, 2009

G. I. Joe

G. I. Joe has some very bad reviews, some critics are saying it is a dump and stupid movie. Then we I watched it at JB City Square. Wow, it is action-packed, with all the nice elements of a thriller. Action, betrayal, loyalty, love, conspiracy, funny and entertaining. If you want to have 2 hours of fantasy, this is the movie for you.

Ok, I must admit I have never read the original comics, I don't what the original story is. Maybe just like Angels & Demons, the movie adaptation deviates drastically from its comic original, but I must say the movie adaptation itself is nice, a nice story on its own, regardless what the original story is.

G. I. Joe is also Korean actor Lee Byung-Hun's first foray into Hollywood. He has better luck than his fellow countryman Rain. Rain's role in his foray into Hollywood was quite small, but Lee plays an important role in G. I. Joe. However, there is a pity that he still can't get out of Hollywood's stereo type of Asians. Lee plays the role of a bad ninja (what a shame, Lee is a Korean, yet he has to play the role of Korea's arch-rival, a Japanese).

Then the girls shall be happy to see his nice body on screen. For a 39-year old man, he has a really nice body. If you have the asset, flash it, before it disappears :)

My rating: 3.5/5

This is a movie worth watching for entertainment. Trash those arty-farty movie critics. They only give good critics to movies that I can't understand, or fall asleep completely. :P

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