Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cathay Cinema at JB City Square

Since I watched a movie in JB again, I must review the cinema too. This time it is Cathay at City Square.

I must say, more or less the same standard as Cathay Causeway Point. I don't see any significant deficiencies. The seats are big with lots of leg-room. That's something that you don't get in Singapore.

Price-wise, naturally it is cheaper in JB. On weekend it is RM11.00 (<~S$5.00). On the day I watched the movie there, didn't hear anyone answering/making a phone call, or the beeping sound of SMS. I don't know whether I was lucky or their audiences are really different. People talking on the phone in a movie is quite irritating.


  1. Penang branch always make mistake... i am very disappointed on them

  2. Hi I must agree that Cathay Cinema @ JB City Square is no less to our Singapore cinemas.Lovers or normal seats and air-con are soothing. All the whole,its a low cost luxury.