Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Awards and Prizes

Reading somebody's blog today, and the blogger got an award in the blogsphere. Congratulations to him! Look at myself, it seems like I am not fated with any awards or prizes.

First, let's look at lucky draw prizes. I seldom got any lucky draw prizes. The one and only time was maybe at our department's 20th anniversary dinner, I got a small little oven from the lucky draw. That maybe is the one and only time I got a lucky draw. There is no repeat occurance of such good luck so far :)

Second, awards at any competitions. So far, I got nothing worth mentioning. In the first place, I was not 'qualified' to join any competition of any significance whether it was during school time or after I came out to work. For those competitions that don't need to get 'qualified', I don't get any awards anyway. I am always a member of the background, or in the audience, to show how important or grand the competition is and how great the winners are.

All these come back to my non-competitive mentality. I am afraid of competitions. Whenever I hear the word 'competition', my legs become numb, my palms start to sweat, my mind goes blank :P My colleague CT then will always say 'It is psychology, you need to have the right psychology.'

This is life :)

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