Friday, September 11, 2009

Pink Dolphin Show

Singapore prides itself for having the special pink dolphins in its Sentosa Underwater World. Some years ago, I went with my friend to the Dolphin Lagoon to watch the dolphin show. Not the best in the world, but pretty entertaining. You could see the dolphins doing cute stunts. And then you got to see the pink dolphins, a very special species of dolphin.

Two days ago, I went there again with my family. Somehow they changed the name from 'the dolphin show' to 'Meet the dolphins' session. The name change should have implied something, which I didn't realised until the end of the 'show'.

The 'show' now is DISAPPOINTING! They just let some tourists touched the dolphins, do a VERY limited number of stunts which are totally uninteresting.

I don't know the cause for such a change. For years, some animal activists have been lobbying to remove the pink dolphins from the lagoon and release them back into the nature. Their argument is that dolphins are wild animals, they should not be used to entertain tourists, it is against animal nature.

I strongly disagree with them. I myself had seen wild dolphins in Tasmania. They happily did stunts such as synchronized jumping to entertain themselves as well as the occasional tourists. I still remembered very clearly there was one naughty dolphin, who purposely came near our boat, did a stunt, jumping out of water, and then fell back into water with a BIG splash, getting most of us on the boat wet! Humans and animals are not exclusive of each other. What we need is to learn to live with each other harmoniously.

Again, I am deeply disappointed with Sentosa's decision to change the content of a not too bad show to totally uninteresting boring routine.

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