Friday, September 4, 2009

Live Malaysian Drama

Life is boring in Singapore. Local TV dramas are more plain than plain water. TV, newspaper, internet news, everything will report exactly the same thing, sometimes even word by word. To come out from such 'boredom', I turn to our neighbour.

Come, visit You will never get bored. The live drama is better than any drama in the world TV arena plotted by the best ever playwright.

The latest episode about the fight of 'kangkong', a special South-East Asian veggie dish. Suddenly somebody got kicked out of a party for his sexual prowess, and then somebody is being accused of accepting huge sums of money under the table. Sex, rivalry, betrayal, politics, corruption, criminal acts. Wow, which drama elements is lacking here? None.

It is amusing from an outsider point of view, but if you are an insider, an ordinary person on the street of that independent entity, your feeling is going to be like tom yam kong.

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