Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Miscommunciation/Being Misunderstood

There is an old divoiced couple. Although they have divoiced, the man still loves the woman, deeply. He sends her a bunch of red roses every year on their anniversary; a birthday cake on her birthday. When they meet for dinner together with their children, he will always get a drumstick for her.

She actually still loves him too, but she always throws away his gifts, and refuses to eat that drumstick. Year after year, he does the same routine to try to win her heart back, but she gets more and more angry every year.

One day, her friend asks the woman, don't you think your ex-husband is very nice and sweet? He sends you flowers every year, birthday cake every year, and always gets a drumstick for you.

That's precisely the reason I am angry with him. He sends me red roses because he likes red roses, so I must like red roses too. The fact is I don't like roses at all. He always sends me a cheese cake as my birthday cake, because he likes to eat cheese cake. I am allegic to cheese! He himself likes to eat drumstick, so he thinks I like drumstick too. He never bothers about what I like, he acts based on HIS own opinions, but he never tries to find out what I like, or what I don't like. That's the reason why I am so angry with him.

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