Sunday, September 20, 2009

Feng Bo Zhuang (风波庄)

FengBo Zhuang is a themed restaurant in Temple Street. It is Chinese franchise with the theme on Chinese sword-fighting novels (武侠小说) such as Jing Yong's series.

The tables are differentiated by different sects in the WuLing world, such as Dong Xie, Xi Du, Mt. Hua Sect & Mt. E-mei Sect, etc. The waitresses address the customers as Da Xia, the menu is referred to as the secrete scroll of kungfu. It is quite interesting for the sword-fighting novel fans.

Food-wise, they are offering An-hui cusine. I have never heard of An-hui cusine, but looking at their menu, it is quite a mix of Sichuan, Northern China (Dong-bei) style of dishes.

We ordered 3 dishes, sour fish, pig knuckles, and mix vegetable of egg plant, potato, & green pepper.

Sour fish is a Sichuan dish, and a bit on the spicy side, but not the Sichuan signiture style.

The pig knukle is quite ok, but it has not come to the perfect level that the fat will melt in my mouth.

The mix vegie is quite a flop. The potato is too hard to chew.

All the 3 dishes are heavy in oil. The food is acceptable but not fantastically good. They should improve their service too.

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