Sunday, October 9, 2011

Empire State @ Causeway Point

Empire State is another restaurant opened at Causeway Point after the renovation.  It is more or less in the same style of New York New York, serving American style western food.

It is quite crowded at 6.30pm on a Saturday, quite a queue outside the restaurant.  However, we were quite lucky that they quickly found a table for two for us.  Customers obviously out number the waiters/waitresses.  In such a hurry, our waitress forgot to bring us our ice water, although we ordered.

Here is my steak & fries.  The steak is medium-well done, however, there is still sign of blood atop the steak. It is a bit scary, isn't it?  The steak is tender, better than I had expected from any American style food.  The food is simple, just a piece of steak, nothing much more to talk about, but they did it right.

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