Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wong Kok, Again

My friend and I are kind of addicted to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng at JB City Square.

Ok, let's talk less, and show more.  First comes the restaurant's new disk, baked prawn boat.  What exactly is this?  Actually it is a piece of potato.  They dig out the center part, and then fill it back with prawn and fish paste, I guess, then bake the whole thing together with some butter.

The smell is good, and the taste is nice too.  It gives the sweet taste of the potato and the texture of the prawn and fish paste.

Another new dish is Sabu Sabu rice.  This dish is not as good as I expected.  The pork they use has quite a bit of fat, which I don't really like.  However, the thin slices of pork is still not bad, but people with heavy taste may not like it, as the taste is very light.

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