Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hot Tomato @ Causeway Point

Hot Tomato is one of the new restaurants opened after Causeway Point's upgrading.  Often times, you can see long queues of customers outside it, and seems to be a very popular place for young people.  Ok, in that case I must give it a try, and they are having some kind of promotion, how can I missed it?

My order is steak N prawn combo, served with spaghetti for ~13 bucks.  Not too bad a deal.  The food comes with a reasonable presentation, and looks good.

There are 4 parts to my dish, namely prawn, steak, spaghetti, and vegie salad.  Let's start from the prawn.  The prawns are of reasonable size, but unfortunately not very fresh.  The meat sticks to the shell, a telltale sign that the prawns are not fresh.

Next the steak.  I will say it is not too bad not too good, just ordinary.  I order medium, and it is more on the bloody side, yet still ok.

Spaghetti is just normal, cooked with some kind of herb.  The taste is on the plain side.

Last is the salad.  The vegies don't look very good, and totally tasteless.

For me, it is unlikely I will go there again, sorry.

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