Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Weekend Without My Handphone

Mobile phones have been deeply woven into our modern life.  Like it or not, without a mobile phone, there are many things you can't do, even if you don't need the mobile phone to communicate with anyone.

I forgot my mobile in office on Friday, so I had to live through the weekend without one.  I didn't expect I would get myself into any trouble, or even inconvenience myself, as I don't make that many phone calls, or sms a lot.  Then when I need to do online purchase, and when I want to do bank fund transfers, I realize I can't, without my mobile phone. 

Now for credit payments for your online purchase, they require you to have an OTP password to authorize the transaction.  It is an added safety feature to safeguard your money.  I can't say anything bad about it.  But then if you lose your mobile phone, it will also be a nightmare for you.

Modern life, life can't do without mobile phones...

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