Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fukuichi @ Triple One Somerset

Purple suggested we go for lunch at Fukuichi @ Triple One Somerset.  There is a display of a blog post from ieatishootipost, a famous Singapore food blog.  We arrived slightly after 11.30am, just after the restaurant opened for the day.  We were ushered in by a lady, somehow like very reluctantly, as if we owed her a million dollars in debt!

When we ordered our food, came another lady.  She was quite nice to inform us that if we pay by UOB credit card, then we can get 15% discount on ala carte items.  In addition, we will get a complimentary century egg tofu cold dish.

Simple, old-fashion table settings.

And here is our complementary century egg tofu.  The taste is not bad, although it is a bit salty for my taste buds, otherwise it is good.  The tofu is tender and jelly like.

My unagi lunch set:

The highlight of the day, and the most expensive item of the day: TORO!

These two tiny pieces of sushi cost S$22.00, while my whole unagi lunch set is only S$18.00!  This TORO has to be god-damn good for that price.  To my disappointment, the TORO is very chewy, and that's only impression I have of this most expensive item :(

Last but not least, our dessert:

We felt that we didn't eat much, but somehow we felt we were very full.  Had to go for a long walk for proper digestion.

In summary, I would say it is just another Japanese restaurant.  Price is reasonable, acceptable service, reasonable food, but not outstanding.

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