Friday, November 16, 2007


The haze has come back. The pollution index went up to 83 yesterday. Hazy days ahead.... I couldn't see the near future clearly, it feels very much like standing in a thick fog, you can't even see your own fingers if you stretch your hand. It feels bad, I am confused, puzzled. The signals are mixed, charts are noisy, information has been encrypted, whilst I have not the proper decoder.

If DJIA closes up with a good few hundred points tonight, then it may set the stage for next week's rebound; if DJIA closes down, then what will happen? STI had been down for the past few days, but there is also an invisible force supporting the critical levels. What is that invisible force? Is it a super-hero or a dark lord?

There are many things in life that I don't understand. Saizen Reits was bashed on its debut. Its price nosedived from its listed price of S$1.00 all the way down to S$0.83 on the very first day, then finally recovered to S$0.86 at the 1st day closing. What makes it such an unattractive stock? Reading the prospectus, the first year return is 6.5%, whilst subsequent years is around 6% (if I didn't interpret wrongly). The investment is on Japanese residential property catering to the rental market. It is quite different in Japan. Property prices are very high, not any average person on the street can afford a house to call his own. Renting is not uncommon. Unlike Singapore, the Japanese rental market does not rely on foreigner working in the country. So why the bash? Something fishy that I do not know of? Mmmmh..... Then today, just as it was bashed down for no good reason, the price went up to S$0.885 for no particular good reason either. People betting on the appreciation of the Japanese yen?

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