Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Day in Batu Pahat

Last Saturday's visit to Batu Pahat was refreshing. Didn't go to Malaysia for more than a year! The rustic look of Malaysian towns make you feel relaxed, the pace of life was a lot slower, and less stressful.

We arrived at Batu Pahat late, close to 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Everybody was hungry so we 'stormed' into a Nonya restaurant for lunch. KA recommended the 'hor fun', a Cantonese style of noodle. The taste was not bad, but the portion was very small. That explains why Malaysians are, in general, slimmer & leaner than their Singaporean brothers.

Alex's chicken goreng looked not bad, too.

Newly opened Batu Pahat mall is modern shopping mall in the making :) In the making means it is still very empty with many shop space yet to be lent out. Bowling in Batu Pahat Mall is reasonably priced. RM4.80 per game, and RM1.50 for rental of shoes. P, WJ, APJ Tan, PY & I enjoyed a bowling game. WJ was the champion with 102 points, followed by me, only 94 points. That was a 10 point improvement from my 1st bowling game, which was back in 1996, in Klang, Malaysia. And this was my 2nd time playing bowling....

EY arranged a room in Hotel Katherina for us to rest before proceeding to his wedding banquet. Being one of the few high rise buildings in a small town, the rooms have very nice views of the town, and the neighbouring hills/mountains. The sunset was magnificent.

Oh, I must mention another shopping centre in town - Summit. KA likes to go there for cheap stuff. Summit is a much older shopping mall than BP Mall, old ventilation system, which makes it less than pleasant to remain inside. Smoking in the building gets the air quality even worse. In addition, I got cheated there. I paid RM16.00 that I thought for a genuine book published by a Taiwanese publisher, only discovered it was a pirated copy. That was bad!

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