Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Dragon Boat Race turned Tragic

It was supposed to be a joyful event of Dragon Boat racing on the Tonle Sap River in front of the royal palace of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, together with other teams from various ASEAN countries. The Singapore team finished their race, on the way back to the starting line, just about to disembark their boat. All of a sudden, their dragon boat capsized, all 22 members fell into the river. 17 of them were rescued, while 5 of them drown. Their bodies were found after a 30-hour search by 200 fishermen, soldiers and a team from Singapore.

It was such a sad event. There are many sad things in the world, but nothing has been so close. One of the 5 deceased, Poh Boon San, 27, was my colleague's younger brother! This news was so shocking. In addition, ReuBen Kee, 23, was Mr World Singapore 2007.


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