Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Korean King's Treat in Red-Hot Singapore

PurpleRain brought me to this Korean restaurant on the basement level of Far East Plaza. They are offering a menu very similar to what Crystal Jade's Korean Restaurant offers in Centre point, but the price is lower.

We ordered a set menu for two, which includes 6 Korean side dishes, BBQ chicken, BBQ pork collar, Ginseng chicken soup, & bimbimbah, plus complementary fruits.

You have a choice to ask the kitchen to BBQ the chicken and pork collar for you, or you can do it yourself on the dining table. I am never a fan of doing BBQ myself, but purple likes doing it, so I let her do all the BBQ work, while I enjoyed the food:)

The pork collar is worth a special mention. Never had I tasted something so tender but chewy before. That 'feel' is really good and it lingers in mind even after weeks.

The BBQ set is more properly designed, which somehow manages to get rid of the smoky effect which I often experience in other Korean BBQ outlets.

Just a word of caution though. The food of the set meal for 2 is a bit too much for two, especially ladies. The amount I think is enough for two adults (one man, one lady) plus a kid maybe.

Oh, please forgive me for my poorly taken photos. You can't expect much from a handphone camera not even into the megapixel range ;P

Su Korean Cuisine Pte Ltd
14 Scotts Road #01-21
Far East Plaza
Tel: 62350420
Fax: 62350429

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