Thursday, November 1, 2007

Who is your most favourite radio DJ?

It is the time of the year for the annual Golden Mike Award for radio DJs. The advertisement is aired very frequently on all the mediacorp radios.

All of a sudden, I feel quite at a loss. Who is my most favourite DJ? I don't think I like any of the DJs, not much impression on any of them, as a matter of fact. DJs here in Singapore are very different from DJs elsewhere that I know of. DJs in Hong Kong, for example, will talk about interesting stuff. Anything that has any amount of 'advertisement' intend will be avoided. As a result, contents are a lot more interesting, sometimes even thought-provoking. Social ills and inequalities are exposed, good deeds are praised. For the light-hearted ones, at least you get some interesting stories, some knowledge.

Singapore DJ's are a world different from those in Hong Kong. I always wonder why do I have to tune in to endure all the advertisement talks by the DJs. Everything they talk about seems to have sponsor. And they will only talk about things that have a sponsor. DJs should be renamed to MJs - Money Jockeys, as they see nothing but $$$. Lin Linzi, who had jumped ship to 100.3, is the worst of the lot. She talks like advertising. Whenever she is on-air, I would either change to another station, or just turn off the radio.

Radio is a mass media tool, it should be a channel for the listeners to enjoy the program contents, to relax, to gain knowledge, instead of being fed advertisements. Advertisements should be strictly reserved for the air time that the various companies buy from the radio stations.

Ooops, I couldn't figure out who is my most favourite DJ, but seems like I figured out who I dislike most :)

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