Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Wedding in Batu Pahat

EY held his wedding in Batu Pahat yesterday. A group of us from the office went down to attend his wedding banquet hosted at Grand Seaview Restaurant in Batu Pahat.

I was positively surprised by the grandness of the banquet hall. It is elegantly decorated, with a sense of classic Chinese halls. The food was delicious too.

The day's menu:

1. Cold dish of yam, siew mai, etc

2. Shark's fin with crab meat

3. Roast pig
4. fish
5. prawns
6. mixed vegetable
7. Braised pork with Man-tou
8. Desert - Ice cream

The shark's fin with crab meat is worth a special mention. It really had shark's fin and easily visible crab meat. Many Singapore restaurants replace crab meat with the cheap egg white. Maybe not 100%, but the crab meat is hardly visible, nor detectable by our palates. In addition, for an 80-table banquet, it is quite challenging to have all the food served hot, which was the case yesterday. Comparing with our company's 20th anniversary dinner held at Suntec city a couple of weeks ago, in which the food was served mostly cold, it is quite a contrast.

Instead of just eating and eating, the host invited a Chinese orchestra to entertain the guests with traditional Chinese music. Some harmless teasing games for the bride and groom.

The whole event was well-organized, and kept everybody happy and satisfied.

Wishing the EY and his wife live happily together ever after...

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