Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Home

Finally moved to my new home. The flat is still quite bare. Two of the bed rooms are still mostly empty with nothing. There is no light in the kitchen yet, and no gas supply. Water heater is still absent. Because of that, I have to have cold showers everyday! It is a goal that I wanted to achieve since I was 7, or even younger, but never really did it. Now I have done it, until the water heaters are ready :)

We always think that we need a lot of stuff in life in order to survive. That is nothing but far from the truth. What do we really need? Just a roof over our head to shelter ourselves from wind and rain and sun, you don't even need a bed. Things we thought we need are in fact things we want. Do you really NEED a washing machine? Not really. Hand wash is always an alternative. How about the fridge? Alas, I have not even turned on the power to my fridge.

The place is quite noisy though. Being right next to a main road, and a MRT track, the noise is really an issue. Hopefully I will get used to it after a while. Mmmh, noise, always noise.

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