Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Sexy Bossini Jeans

I am a conservative person in nature and I have never wore anything that is at the forefront of the fashion or anything anywhere close to the word 'sexy'. Today, finally I wore something 'sexy', although a bit out of my free will.

The story started on the first week of Great Singapore Sale and Bossini had a 40% discount on men's jeans. How could I miss such a good deal? Then I got one for myself and today is the second time I wore it.

In the afternoon, I fell a bit more chilling than usually on my right thigh. As I ran my hand down my right thigh, I found this 'sexy' hole on my jeans. For about 1" in length, the thread is totally gone, and the seam of the jeans is broken. As I walk, then sometimes you will see my bare thigh, sometimes you don't. Isn't it very sexy?

OMG, I swear I will never buy another piece of clothes from Bossini. They have disappointed me more than once. The last time was a T-shirt. A S$30+ T-shirt, and it started to deform after a few washes. The quality control there needs some serious improvement.

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