Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Little Tiger Band 小虎队2010年

Members of the long disbanded The Little Tiger Band (小虎队), a boy band popular in the last decade of the last century, got the chance to come together again in the celebration of the Year of the Tiger on Chinese Central TV's new year's eve program.

They were members of the boy band, but now all the little tigers have become mature tigers.  Out of the 3 members, Chen Zhi-peng (陈志朋) is almost unknown to the younger generation, no trace of him in the entertainment industry.  Wu Qi-long (吴奇隆) came out in newspaper headlines only for his unsuccessful marriage and a painful divorce.  The only one who is still well-known and popular is Su You-peng (苏有朋).  He starred in the most popular Qiong Yao TV drama Huan Zhu Ge-ge (还珠格格).  He is still active in many mainland Chinese TV dramas and motion pictures.

Their performance on stage was kind of heart-breaking.  30 something middle-aged men were still trying to act if they were teenagers.  Haiz...

And let's take a look at their old videos of the same song.

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