Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nepal Day 6: Himalaya - Y's Perspective

As I had expected, I did have some photos of myself in Y's camera, with me walking through the heavy fog.  Courtesy of Mr Yamaguchi, I got the chance to show you how heavy the fog was, and how steep the path that we walked on was.  WJ looks like a solder who just lost a battle, walking with his head down.  I was looking up for a bright future :P
This was when we were about 50m before we reached our guest house in Himalaya.  Can you see the visibility was so bad.  I didn't experience such poor visibility even when I did my scuba dive in the sea.  

This photo was taken after we finished our coldest ever shower.  I was wrapping myself with my dear down jacket, and yet I was trembling.  It was only around 5.30pm but it was already completely dark, dark with heavy fog.  Air had such smell that irritated my throat.  

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