Sunday, February 14, 2010

Silver Investment in Singapore

In Singapore, there are limited channels for Silver investment.  Here I would like to share with you some such investment avenues with you.

1. UOB Silver Account

This is one of the convenient ways to get your hands on silver, paper silver only though, not physical silver.  It works something like your savings account.  You decide on how much silver you want to buy or sell, then the amount will be credit/debit to/from your account.  You will never see any physical silver.  All is on paper. 

There is an administration fee of 0.2 ounce per month or 0.375% per year on your account.  If you are thinking of only small amount of silver investment, then this might not be suitable for you.

More details are available at UOB website.

2. Singapore Silver Bullion

If you are looking at owing physical silver, you may consider purchasing from Singapore Silver Bullion.  They have an office where you can go down to pick up the goods and make payments.  There are different types of silver available, from American eagles, Canadian Maple Leaves, to silver bars, & rounds. 

However, they have a minimum purchase amount, which is SGD2,000.  If you are thinking of less than that amount, you may have to go elsewhere.

More details are available at Singapore Silver Bullion website.

3. eBay

If you are looking at physical silver, but not as much as SGD2,000, you can consider buying from eBay.  Singapore's eBay has very little activities, so you have to buy from mostly US-based sellers.  Their prices are quite reasonable, including shipping and handling.  However, many sellers don't ship to Singapore, so you have to do quite a bit of searching.  In addition, buyer aware.  There is always some black sheep around.  Go for those with at least 100 positive feedbacks, and no neutral or negative feedback sellers.   It is less economically sensible to fake 1 ounce silver bullion, but who knows...

Another potential risk is the goods being lost on its way to you.  You must take all the potential risks into your consideration and make sure the worst case loss will not going to cause a limb. 

4. Silver ETF

Singapore investors have direct access to a gold ETF listed at Singapore stock exchange (SGX), but a silver ETF is still yet to appear in SGX, but it does not mean you can't invest in a silver ETF. 

You can open an investment account with a brokerage with access to US markets, such as DBS Vickers.  A silver ETF is listed in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with ticker of SLV

You can trade the silver ETF the same as any other stocks with normal buy/sell commissions.  This is one convenient way to have participation into silver.  It is one step more advance than UOB silver account, which you still have to go to the bank.

5. GoldClubAsia

There is one more way of getting hold of physical silver for small investors.  There is this internet forum called where there is a buy & sell section.  Members can buy and sell their precious metal bullion or coins there.  I have not tried this before, although I am aware of their existence. 

There above are all the avenues that I am aware of to invest in silver in Singapore.  I hope it helps in one way or other to your physical metal investment. 


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