Thursday, February 11, 2010

Zuji Photo Share

Travel portal is running a travel photo share contest at its facebook page.

Basically it is a kind of photo contest.  You upload your travel photo to the facebook fan photo page.  If Zuji likes it, you get some credits.  If other visitors to the Zuji facebook page also like your photo, you get more credits.  When the contest period ends in March, the top 10 photos will get a $100 travel voucher from Zuji, isn't it great?

But, a very large but, the catch is, if you want to get the $100 voucher, you have to give up all your rights to your winning photo.  Zuji then can use your photo at their website, promotional materials, and whatever form and channel they deem fit.  You just kiss good bye to your photo.  It is not yours anymore. 

It is a very cheap way of buying photos from the public, exploiting to be more exact.  Such practice should not be encouraged, and the public shall not support such demeaning gimmicks!

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