Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nepal Trip: Day 14: Usher-in 2010 in A Blue Moon

Our flight from Kathmandu to Bangkok was smooth.  At Bangkok's new airport, we went through the same ordeal of walking for more than 1km to catch our transfer flight.  When I boarded the plane to Singapore, I picked up a copy of the Bangkok Post

There were articles on the review of 2009 and the vision for 2010 in the Bangkok Post, but one caught my attention.  In the article, it said tonight, 31 Dec 2009, we would see a blue moon!  I often hear the idiom of 'once in a blue moon', but never thought there really is a blue moon.  As I was reading the article, I couldn't help but to look out of the plane window.  It was a full moon, bright and peaceful.  I couldn't really tell its color, whether it was really blue, or just normal white.  20,000 feet down, the lights of Bangkok were bright, yet fading away. 

We flew past Malaysia, Indonesia.  You might wonder why Indonesia, because Singapore is too small, we had to fly to other countries to land :P

Along the east coast of Singapore, hundreds, maybe even thousands, of ships were stationery on the sea.  Their lights were on, making them look like a metropolitan.  Long have I heard some ship owners idle their unchartered ships in the international waters around Singapore to cut the over-supply in cargo ships, but now I could see them myself.

The lights from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia were spectacular.  Fireworks ushering in the new year could be seen here and there. 

In the music ushering in 2010, our plane landed safely at Changi Airport, just in time for me to welcome a new year, 2010 :)

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